Whole Systems – an organic view of society


An organic view of society…

People who don’t study “whole systems” shouldn’t be making any sort of policy. It’s disgusting the levels of ignorance in our public discourse. Indeed, our elected representatives and their spokespeople, as well as the other “pundits,” seem to have hit a low ebb. Most of the talking is either propaganda, or craven submission to some imagined “authority.”

When I was teaching, I found that very few high school students even knew what a “pundit” was – supposedly a learned, respected intellectual leader. I think it comes from Pandit (India) – like Pandit Nehru. So does the word “thug,” I’m told, come from India – some sort of gangs who beat up people, obviously.

If you don’t see or understand the “organic” nature of society, it doesn’t make much sense. We are all interconnected – what one person or group does can influence everyone else – often for the worse. This was Hobbes’ “Leviathan” – and there are even illustrations showing how different jobs, offices, and other functions correspond to the parts of a giant human body. This was part of the growing “rationalist”, scientific age – the direct fruit of the Renaissance translated into formulae which could work just as well in Germany or Scotland as they did in Florence or Venice.

But a wealthy, educated, and empowered citizenry poses very different problems of governance. We have to make a new compact, so to speak, to recognize that we no longer want a society of capitalists and slaves, warlords and peasants, or other divisions which have proven so destructive to our common future.

If we’re all part of the same body, then the nervous system must be the electronic media. What happens when false signals are generated, and the really important signals are intercepted or distorted so that the extremities cannot act, or act improperly?

We are “networked” more, now, than we have ever been in history. And the outcomes do not seem promising. Human happiness and welfare is not increasing. We haven’t turned away from war and exploitation. Indeed, that’s just about all we see from our so-called “elected leaders” as well as appointed or market-serving “spokespeople” who are paid to lie and deceive us. Does anyone really think this is working, or can work?



One thought on “Whole Systems – an organic view of society

  1. I just started this WordPress account. Having used Blogspot for nearly a decade, I am going to use this for more speculative, theoretical material, while my two Blogspot names – Montana Green Bulletin and Greateco’s Blog will hopefully be filled in with more material and old essays which remain unpublished. So, this is basically in Beta mode for me, now. It’ll be more like a real blog, with fragments and random thoughts rather than long essays….

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